Valmont Fresh & Peel Exfoliation – Bisses Purity

This 60 minute body exfoliating treatment removes dead skin cells leaving the skin silky smooth and soft. The oil in this massage is derived from one of Nature’s unsung heroes: the sea buckthorn. High in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, it is also packed full of powerful antioxidants essential fatty acids. The high levels of vitamin E make this oil ideal for sensitive skin. Choose between sea salt, apricot kernels or a cellular refining scrub to fully exfoliate the body of all dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother skin underneath

Valmont Fit & Tone – Peaks of Slimness

This incredible re-contouring treatment uses targeted movements and pressures to re-sculpt and train the body’s muscles. Helping not only to reduce cellulite, it also stimulates the lymphatic system and activates the fibroblast metabolism. Kneading, friction and smoothing pressures provide deep action on each area of the body supported by application of Valmont’s D Solution booster , Modelage and C curve shaper creams . This  full body sculpting treatment is recommended for slimming down, maintaining one’s figure, as a firming program after pregnancy and above all for anyone wanting to control the effects of time on their body. Working in the direction of the body’s muscular lines, the invigorating massage techniques helps the body become toned and slender by breaking up stubborn cellulite. Circulation is stimulated and lymphatic drainage is encouraged. The unique formula targets aspects of the process involved in making cellulite, including fat burning and draining to ensure the return of firmness to the skin. For optimum results a course of 10 is recommended

Valmont Soft and Smooth – Vitality of the Body<

This regenerating, restructuring and rebalancing all-over body treatment uses the invigorating properties of Echinacea to revitalise tired muscles and clear the mind. Expert technique is used to release a build up of lactic acid in the muscles caused from stress, exercise or being over worked, reducing knots and energising the body.

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Treatment Duration Price
Valmont Fresh & Peel – Bisses Purity 60 mins £120
Valmont Fit & Tone – Peaks of Slimness 60 mins £180
Valmont Soft & Smooth – Vitality of the Body 60 mins / 90 Mins £120 / £150