All our treatments begin with an in-depth consultation, allowing us to understand your skin concerns and to fully assess your skin type.


Established in Geneva in 1905, this heritage-rich premium skincare brand offers the very highest quality of products. An intelligent range of collagen-based products helps address the causes of dehydration and cellular decline, delivering reinvigorated skin. All Valmont products are developed in conjunction with its four skincare rituals: hydration, radiance, energy and wrinkles/firmness.

Valmont Hydration Facial – Source des Bisses

Dehydration, the enemy of healthy skin, is a huge factor in accelerated ageing. After gentle exfoliation, this deeply moisturising facial helps to quench the skin’s thirst, replenishing what the epidermis loses on a daily basis. A rehydrating brown algae mask re-plumps and energises the skin and hyaluronic acid helps the skin cells retain water, making it a fabulous moisturiser. Fine lines are smoothed and the skin is left soft, supple and glowing.

Valmont Energy Facial – Vitality of the Glaciers

Dull and lacklustre complexions will benefit from this cellular renewal facial treatment. Delivering essential nutrients to the epidermis, this wonderfully energising treatment helps improve circulation through Valmont’s signature massage. The iconic plumping collagen mask helps wrinkles and fine lines fade away and the complexion is left radiant and full of vitality.

Valmont Anti-Wrinkle & Firmness Facial – Peaks of Firmness

Although wrinkles and the loss of firmness in our skin are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. Using a combination of light pressure movements, Valmont’s Peaks of Firmness treatment makes skin firmer and smoother, whilst the renowned Valmont collagen mask delivers deep nourishment. Using an incredible lifting and firming massage, the skin is stimulated and conditioned.

Valmont Regenerating Collagen Mask

This collagen-rich mask lifts and plumps the skin, restoring vitality and youthfulness. A decongesting massage helps re-contour the eyes and fine lines of the face, skin recovers its natural resilience, suppleness and radiance. This incredible mask is included in the Vitality of the Glaciers and Peaks of Firmness facials and can be added to our White Room signature facials. It can also be chosen as a standalone treatment.

Valmont Brightning Facial – Brightness of Ice

The newly launched brightening treatment from Valmont delivers fresh, radiant skin, clarifying the complexion and improving the texture of the skin while providing anti-ageing benefits. A doubling of each stage of the ritual – twice the cleansing, twice the massage, twice the mask – delivers a complexion as pure and clear as ice.Specifically designed for pigmentation concerns, this treatment focuses on repairing sun damage and resurfacing. Suitable for all ages and for those with sensitive skin. Includes the iconic Valmont collagen mask.
For clients who require an intense clarifying effect, we recommend a course of ten treatments once or twice weekly. £2200 10 x 90-minute facials

Votre Soin D’Exception (L’Elixir The Ultimate Facial)

Part of the luxurious L’Elixir range, the products in this treatment are highly concentrated, making it the most intensively anti-ageing treatment Valmont offers. The ritual incorporates an exfoliating body scrub and massage, a deep cleanse and exfoliation, a Valmont signature facial, a regenerative collagen mask treatment and a décolletage massage using the renowned Valmont butterfly movement.

Valmont Sensitive Skin Facial – Gentle Springs

Ideal for sensitive, sun- or weather-damaged skin, this soothing facial includes a regenerative collagen mask and concentrates on anti-ageing. An intensive repairing treatment.

Valmont Sun Repair Facial – Princess Pan Dai

Frequent sun exposure leads skin to lose its suppleness and luminosity, often becoming thicker as we age. To fight against the harmful effects of the sun, Valmont have introduced a new intensive sun repair treatment which concentrates on improving the texture and condition of the skin using the exclusive Valmont butterfly movement for product application and removal. A gentle but effective exfoliation to deep cleanse the skin allows optimum penetration of the active ingredients. This is followed by a calming and repairing massage whilst Valmont’s renowned regenerative collagen mask is applied to the face, neck and décolletage, soothing fragile skin and fighting against cutaneous ageing.

Valmont Purity Facial – Peaks of Purity

Ideal for men and women, this treatment purifies the skin without drying it to reveal a radiant complexion. A three-mask treatment includes the iconic Valmont collagen mask.

Valmont Hydrating Algae Mask

The algae and precursor complex are mixed together to create a serum with exceptional hydrating properties. This luxurious treatment helps to prevent fine lines from forming by keeping the skin hydrated and supple, dehydration wrinkles are visibly and durably reduced and the skin re-plumped. 


Additional Treatments ++

Valmont Eye Mask

The sensitive and fragile eye area can age prematurely if it isn’t nourished and cared for properly. Dark circles and puffiness are common problems and can be caused by a build-up of toxins in the skin. Our expert massage decongests and drains this area and leaves eyes fresh, bright and youthful. This incredibly hydrating 100% pure collagen mask really does deliver results from the first application.

++ Can only be booked in conjunction with a main treatment

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Treatment Duration Price
Valmont Hydration Facial – Source des Bisses 60 / 75 / 90 mins £140 / £165/ £230
Valmont Energy Facial – Vitality of the Glaciers 60 mins / 90 mins £187 / £230
Valmont Anti-Wrinkle & Firmness Facial – Peaks of Firmness 60 mins / 90 mins £187 / £230
Valmont Brightening Facial – Brightness of Ice 60 mins / 90mins £199 / £249
Votre Soin D’Exception – L’Elixir Facial & Body Treatment 135 mins £357
Votre Soin D’Exception – L’Elixir Facial 70 mins £259
Votre Soin D’Exception – L’Elixir Exfoliation & Body Massage 90mins £190
Valmont Sensitive Skin Facial – Gentle Springs 60 mins £165
Valmont Sun Repair Facial – Princess Pan Dai 60 mins £249
Valmont Purity Facial – Peaks of Purity 80 mins £187
Valmont Regenerating Collagen Mask (Face or Neck) 45 mins £120
Valmont Hydrating Algae Mask 45 mins £120
Valmont Eye Mask ++ 30 mins £49