Lip Repair

£106.00  /  15ml

Product Description

As a complement to facial care, this 24 hour lip care acts as an intensive repair for the lips and the lip contour, ensuring a radiant smile at all times!

The skin of the lips is only 3-5 layers thick, (unlike the facial skin which is up to 18) it does not contain any sebaceous gland, nor does it contain hair follicles, making it prone to dryness due to lack of temperature control. Valmont’s Lip Repair contains sun protection too keeping your lips shielded from the environmental damages as well as containing the Cellular Prime Complex propolis and avocado extracts which help to leave lips plump and rehydrated.

Valmont Lip Repair helps to:

  • Regenerates the epidermis and combats wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Protect against UV damage and free radicals that accelerate skin ageing.
  • Re-plumps lips and help hold make-up in place for longer.

How To Use

Use morning and night, and several times during the day if necessary.


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