Moisturising With A Mask

£132.00  /  50ml

Product Description

A pure phyto-alpine hydrating bath, this mask repairs dehydrated and aggravated skin. Dehydrated, drawn or tired, the skin can develop fine lines and become less supple. Thanks to its rich properties, Moisturising With A Mask provides instantaneous replenishment and fights cutaneous ageing. A replenishing Rosa Moschata extract, combined with rehydrating and anti-dryness formulas, help to: Instantaneously rebalance the hydration rate for longer. Reinforce the cutaneous structure and stimulate cellular metabolism. Avoid all types of skin dryness and bring comfort and softness to the skin.

How To Use

Once or twice weekly, apply a thick layer on previously cleansed face and neck area, avoiding the eye contour. Leave for 20 minutes and remove excess with a soft cloth. For devitalised skins, apply daily for one week.

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