£427.50  /  GIFT SET

Product Description

From the undisputed king of pedicures, give the gift of beautiful feet this Christmas.

  • Black Diamond Scrub (Full Size 200ml)
  • Nail Horn Buffer
  • Graceful Hands Delight (Full Size 25ml)
  • Leg Shimmer Oil (Full Size 100ml)
  • Unguent for Nails and Cuticles (Full Size 15ml)
  • Pearly Buffing Cream (Full Size 14ml)
  • Sensitive Feet Balm (Full Size 75ml)
  • Silky Foot Talcum Powder Cool Veil (Full Size 15ml)
  • Voucher for luxury pedicure

More Information

Black Diamond Scrub: Combining black diamond, mother of pearl particles and black volcanic sand, this scrub allows a vigorous and natural exfoliation of the foot. The Black Diamond Scrub helps to clear away dead skin cells, leaving your feet smooth and silky. Essential oils of thyme and sage, well known for their purifying properties, help maintain healthy skin. READ MORE

Nail Horn Buffer: Bastien Gonzalez inherited this practice from his grandmother, who buffed her nails every day with natural chamois leather. He updated her technique by creating a natural horn buffer with an ergonomic shape that perfectly fits into the palm of your hand, allowing quick and efficient rubbing of the buffing cream into your nails. READ MORE

Graceful Hands Delight: Daily oil free moisturising hand care, with anti free radical White Tea extract and soothing Cotton Oil. Leaves hands are nourished and smooth as silk. READ MORE

Leg Shimmer Oil: This nourishing dry oil contains finely ground mother-of-pearl. It’s silky to the touch and its shimmering shine gives your skin a healthy glow. READ MORE

Unguent for Nails and Cuticles: Its combination of essential oils and medicinal plants nourishes and protects the inguinal texture from external aggressions. The Unguent for Nails and Cuticles is considered as a must-have in order to bring to perfection your nails and hands. READ MORE

Pearly Buffing Cream: Mother of pearl pigments combined with the nail buffer will make your nail’s surface appear brighter and slightly iridescent. Buffing your nails with the Pearly Buffing Cream helps their revascularization, making them prettier and stronger: jewels on the tip of your fingers. READ MORE

Sensitive Feet Balm: This original and creamy plant-based formula has a refined olfactory identity. The Sensitive Feet Balm provides protection against nail degeneration, heavy legs, feet pain due to tiredness and dry skin. READ MORE

Silky Foot Talcum Powder Cool Veil: Enriched with Kaolin, the finally ground texture of this talcum powder creates a second skin on the epidermis layer. The Silky Talcum Powder protects your skin in two ways: an antiseptic and fungus protection and an anti-inflammatory action to relieve overheated feet. This delicate texture creates a second skin on your epidermis which is particularly efficient against perspiration and overheated feet. READ MORE