Sensitive Feet Balm

£89.00  /  200ml

Product Description

This original and creamy plant based formula has a refined olfactory identity. The Sensitive Feet Balm provides protection against nail degeneration, heavy legs, feet pain due to tiredness and dry skin.
This original foot cream helps against:
The dry of the epidermis – The complex NMF-Natural Moisturizing Factorest associated with several essential oils regenerates the cells and fight against the effect “dry foot”
Heavy legs – A derivate of mint creates a “cooling effect”
Nail degeneration – Zinc and Calendula fight against the weakening of the nail structure
The classic tired feet pains – The extract of Sage is a home remedy against sweat.

How To Use

Apply balm daily and massage from toes up to the knee. Focus on the driest areas (back of the heel and side of the pad) as well as on cuticles.


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