Silky Foot Talcum Powder Cool Veil

£31.00  /  50g

Product Description

Enriched with Kaolin the finally ground texture of this talcum powder creates a second skin on the epidermis layer. The Silky Talcum Powder protects your skin in two ways: An antiseptic and fungus protection. An anti-inflammatory action, to relieve overheated feet. This delicate texture creates a second skin on your epidermis which is particularly efficient against perspiration and overheated feet.

How To Use

Use this powder on clean skin, focusing on sensitive areas such as the foot arch and between the toes. This care prevents your feet from overheating and allergies. Repeat daily or several times a day if necessary to achieve healthy, silky skin.
To increase this protection, sprinkle directly inside your shoes before wearing them.


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