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More fabulous reviews for White Room Fitness

Posted by | 15/07/2015 | News | No Comments

We are delighted to have received some incredible reviews recently.  Venetia van Kuffeler, writing for Diplomat magazine, raved about the state-of-the-art facilities, the bespoke approach to fitness offered by our fabulous trainers and the luxurious, inspiring surroundings. “I’m fitter and stronger and so much healthier, all things that have made a marked change on my appearance – clothes feel looser and people have commented on how my skin looks so much better.”

For Q Insider, the blog for lifestyle concierge service Quintessentially, Ashiana Pradhan loved the fact that ” …the exercise programme… is entirely tailored to the client’s preferences and level of comfort…”

You can read the full reviews here:


Diplomat Magazine

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