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A gripping read from a master storyteller

Posted by | 10/11/2015 | News | No Comments


Acclaimed author Edna O’Brien has long been an iconic figure on the international literary scene. Writer Philip Roth has called her “the most gifted woman now writing in English” and describes her latest novel, The Little Red Chairs, as “her masterpiece”. Set in her native Ireland, it is a gripping if disturbing story of what happens when a Bosnian war criminal settles, in his guise as a healer, in the fictional village of Cloonoila. What follows is, as described by the Observer, “…a spectacular piece of work, massive and ferocious and far-reaching, yet also at times excruciatingly, almost unbearably, intimate. Holding you in its clutches from first page to last, it dares to address some of the darkest moral questions of our times while never once losing sight of the sliver of humanity at their core.” The FT calls the novel “…a memorable work of art for our unsettled times.” This is thought-provoking, essential reading for the 21st century. You can read the Observer’s review of The Little Red Chairs here.







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