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Valmont - Wonderful Mask Collection


Valmont - Wonderful Mask Collection

This very limited collection allows you to discover the entire range of Valmont masks.


We are certain that this multi-masking collection will be this year’s most sought-after product, perfect for travelling or discovering all of Valmont’s masks. This beautiful mask collection contains 10 x masks in separate pods: 2 x Deto2x Pack Mask 10ml, 2 x Prime Renewing Pack Mask 5ml, 2 x Purifying Pack Mask 5ml, 2 x Moisturizing with a Mask 5ml, 2 x LumiMask 5ml.
Spend total of £1,000 + on any combination of Valmont & L'Elixir Des Glaciers products and receive this product FREE.

How to Use

With every purchase of this mask collection we will send directions of how to use each of the masks with top tips of how to maximise the results.

More Information

The latest generation of de-polluting treatments is here. Each effervescent mask leaves the complexion fresh, luminous and rested in just 10 minutes. The mask’s texture evolves from a generous cream to a crackling active foam, which is as fun to apply as it is refreshing.
Prime Renewing Pack
Prime Renewing Pack is a sumptuous non-greasy, creamy mask. Designed as a revitalising treatment, it re-balances the epidermis and stimulates it while regulating its hydrolipidic film. Rich in Triple DNA and RNA and an incredible cocktail of peptides this anti-wrinkle mask also possesses a clarifying and smoothing action, giving skin an instant glow.
Purifying Pack
This purifying mask cleanses and purifies the skin without drying it, revealing a radiant complexion. When the skin tends to shine and is prone to blemishes, Purifying Pack offers deep purification and soft balancing action. This purifying mask combines absorbent mineral agents, Hawthorn and Bisabolol to gently regulate the production of sebum, absorb the impurities that dull the skin surface, cleanse, soothe and soften the epidermis.
Moisturizing with a Mask
A pure phyto-alpine hydrating bath, this mask repairs dehydrated and aggravated skin. Dehydrated, drawn or tired, the skin can develop fine lines and become less supple. Thanks to its rich properties, Moisturising With A Mask provides instantaneous replenishment and fights cutaneous ageing. A replenishing Rosa Moschata extract, combined with rehydrating and anti-dryness formulas, help to: Instantaneously rebalance the hydration rate for longer. Reinforce the cutaneous structure and stimulate cellular metabolism. Avoid all types of skin dryness and bring comfort and softness to the skin.
An all in one exfoliating mask containing Papaya enzyme that boosts the natural peeling process and facilitates cell renewal. Glycolic acid refines the skin texture and reduces skin pigmentation. The complexion is clearer, smoother & glowing, and pores are purified.