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Cellcosmet Body Treatments

Body treatment is a blanket term for a whole range of different holistic, non-medical, physical procedures aimed at helping you achieve something specific for your body. As sister company to the renowned White Room Fitness in Belgravia we are well versed in all types of Body Massage.

Skin body treatments help the fight against ageing and decreased cellulite, leaving the skin looking fresh and younger.


Cellap Laboratoire, the parent company and birthplace of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen brands, has made cosmetic skincare an art by pursing the very quintessence of cosmetic science. The laboratory in Switzerland remains on the leading edge of innovation, forever honing and refining its expertise in a ceaseless quest for superior performance and quality, reflecting Swiss-made excellence.

The Cellcosmet, CellElective and Cellmen skincare lines are born of a ceaseless quest for innovation. The CellControl™ method, the prerequisite to such ambitious and original formulas, delivers the quintessence of cellular potency to your skin, unleashing revitalising and moisturising powers that reveal skin’s natural radiance. The stabilised cellular extracts obtained through this exclusive process blend superbly with natural ingredients sourced from land and sea and meticulously selected by Cellcosmet experts. The results are skin solutions precisely tailored to your personal beauty concerns.

Cellcosmet’s facials and body treatments combine leading-edge skincare formulas with the ultimate in relaxation, helping you to be your most beautiful self.