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It is all about the eyes – Part 1

For a Springtime refreshed and beautiful gaze

Kick start your Springtime renewal with a 60 or 90 minute Valmont Eye treatment at White Room Beauty. Reflections on a Frozen Lake is a rejuvenating eye treatment designed to address dark circles, bags under the eyes, and fine lines & wrinkles. Facial reflexology around the eye area helps with the lymphatic drainage process whilst a lifting massage and regenerative collagen eye mask plumps, hydrates and soothes. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, skin is plumped, and dark circles and bags are erased.

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Home eye care in the evening

Even after a late night out, take the time to thoroughly remove your eye makeup. To do so, use a gentle product such as Valmont Bi-Falls, and apply with delicate movements, as the upper and lower eyelids are fragile and require special attention.

After removing your makeup, splash your face with warm water for a few seconds, then splash with cold water to stimulate micro-circulation of the blood.



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