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Authentic Kobido facial massage now available at White Room Beauty

Kobido is a precious, ancient Japanese facial massage – regarded as the most sophisticated facial massage in the world. It can only be performed by a therapist who has undergone extensive instruction and has the natural technical expertise to perform its subtle, authentic gestural techniques, based on percussions and vibrations - a real choreography of the hands.

Kobido, “an ancient way of beauty”, is appreciated worldwide for its aesthetic benefits, with the overall objective to improve the health of the  person. Its beauty and technicality make it an exceptional Japanese art, capable of re-energizing both the body and the mind. In Japan, the concept of beauty cannot be dissociated from that of well-being and good health.

At White Room Beauty we can guarantee the skilled execution of an authentic Kobido facial massage due to our lengthy and intensive instruction in Paris with the Kobido Master, Sandrine Takumi Finch.

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 Article posted by Jenny -
White Room Beauty Expert Facialist - 04 May 2024



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